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MDFit Booty Resistance Bands + FREE 15-Minute Workout Video

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The MDFit Booty Resistance Bands (Set of 3) are made of high-quality cotton polyester fabric and elastic natural latex.

With their unique features, these exercise bands will help you perform squats correctly and keep your knees pushed out.


The bands are best when used to train legs, hips, and glutes, but it can also be a powerful training tool for the whole body. Anyone looking to increase mobility or muscle stamina and strength deserves these sports fitness bands.


This set of booty bands comes with 3 different colors that indicate 3 different resistance levels: Blue-Light, Red-Medium, and Black-Heavy. That makes the bands great fit for all fitness levels so that you could easily tailor your training depending on your strength, ability, and comfort no matter if you are a beginner, advanced or professional athlete.

The MDFit resistance bands are lightweight, space-efficient, and slip-free, and you can easily put them in your gym bag or store them in the portable caring bag included in the kit.

Click below to order your set of MDFit Booty Resistance Bands Today and

Get a FREE 15-Minute workout video!



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MDFit Tracking Water Bottle + FREE MDFit Body Health Tool Kit

MDFit Tracking Water Bottle

The MDFit Tracking Water Bottle is designed specifically for those tracking their weight loss progress and fitness goals.  


With unique inspirational quotes and time marker on it, this water bottle is great for measuring your daily intake of water, reminding you to stay hydrated and drink enough water throughout the day. A must-have for any fitness goals including weight loss and overall health.

With large capacity (64oz) let you enjoy one full water bottle without having to refill it frequently. Featured with transparent appearance help you check the actual amount of water intake easily and clearly. Wide-mouth opening is easy to fill and clean.

Made of quality leakproof plastic, this water bottle is a great companion for you in daily water drinking. It is also lightweight yet durable to use. Perfect for gym, workout, office, and outdoor recreations.

+ FREE MDFit Body Health Tool Kit

This MDFit Body Health Tool Kit is designed to track your weekly results and to give you the exact numbers you need to generate the overall results in detailed time. 


The MDFit Body Health Tool Kit includes the following tools:


Body Measuring Tape

 The Body Measuring Tape is an easy handheld cloth-tape used to measure the length and width of each part of the body.  Measured with a centimeter and inch reading on either side of the tape, the body measuring tape includes an easy-grip handle and "click in place" button for the person to take their readings easily and effectively.  


Body Fat Caliper  

The Body Fat Caliper first measures the thickness of a skinfold with its underlining fat layer.  Then, you simply read your body fat percentage on the BMI Wheel and on the Male or Female Body Fat Chart.  Perfect for anyone to use, the clippers make it effortless to get consistent and accurate measurements.  


Body Mass Index (BMI) Wheel

Determining body mass index with a BMI Wheel is a reliable way to identify malnutrition.  The BMI wheel is also great for giving a nutritional status generated by giving the person's age, height, and weight. The BMI wheel determines if the individual is underweight, at a healthy weight, or obese. 


Transformation Workbook

This journal is made with 56 weekly entries for you to easily track your measurements, weight, body fat%, blood pressure, and heart rate.  Made from 100% recycled paper it is easy to carry along with you in your gym back or on the go.


Order the MDFit Tracking Water Bottle and receive a FREE MDFit Body Health Tool Kit 

$18.95 + $4.95 SHIPPING AND HANDLING! 

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