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Hi, my name is Michelle Davis and I am an avid Personal Trainer located in Las Vegas, NV.  My approach to training goes above and beyond the average trainer with dramatic proven results. 

I am licensed and certified in Sports, Fitness, and Nutrition from Skill Success, Centre of Excellence, and Penn Foster.  I have designed a fundamental approach to what the average person needs to become a happier and healthier person.  My clients’ reviews and testimonials have proven results to show how I have helped to change their lives.

My determination and passion to help others began when I lost my sister Christine to breast cancer in 2017.  Soon after I realized I wanted to help others reform their mindset into a much happier and healthier state. 

I offer Bootcamp Classes, One on One Private Training Sessions, Customized Meal Plans, and Body Transformation Programs for anyone looking to change their lives and maintain a healthy weight.

Give me a try and allow yourself to generate a more harmonious effect in your life by transforming your body and mind today.

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