Microscopy is a system used to look at your cells

and overall cellular health through a microscope.

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Dexafit Body Scan/ Metabolism & VO2 Testing

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Hello! My name is Won. I left the comfort and security of my career as a pharmacist to chase my passion: health and fitness. This led me to start my online coaching and purchasing my business, DexaFit.

At DexaFit, I conduct DEXA scans for body fat, lean and fat mass, bone density and visceral fat changes; resting metabolic rate (RMR) tests to calculate how many calories you are burning and if your metabolism is slow, normal, or fast; and VO2 max tests to take you cardiovascular fitness to the next level.

These tests can help you track your hard-earned results with the most accurate technology available.

DexaFit helps you take control of your health and live a happier; more fulfilling life. 

Be empowered to achieve the health and fitness goals you have always wanted!

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