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Michelle Davis, 37 is a avid Personal Trainer.  Her approach to training her clients goes above and beyond the average Personal Trainer and with her help each one of her clients have had dramatic proven results.  


Graduated from Penn Foster with a certification in Fitness and Nutrition and has taken several online certifications including ITU, Michelle understands the dynamics and fundamentals of what the average person needs to become a happier and healthier person.  She has acquired many awards winning local Bodybuilding shows, and has accredited reviews and testimonials from her clients.  Michelle also has her own line of MDFit products to give each of her clients for certain specified outlines that helps guide them along their fitness journey.


Michelle's determination and passion to help others began when she lost her sister Christine to breast cancer in 2017 and she wanted to help others reform their life into a much happier and healthier state of mind, body and soul.  Michelle also is very passionate to helping those who struggle with mental disorders, addictions and has a very compassionate way of treating her clients with the upmost care.  


Michelle is a very skilled Person Trainer as she helps her clients with the mental tools they need to become "unstuck" and thrive in their daily lives.  She offers Bootcamp Classes, One on One Private Training Sessions, Customized Meal Plans and Body Transformation Programs for anyone looking to change their lives and maintain a healthy weight. 


Give Michelle a try and take one of her classes online or in person for free to see if it is just what you have been looking for.  Alongside Dr. Makuve, Michelle has joined forces with Hutano Health in Las Vegas to offer her a whole body and mind approach to creating an homeostasis environment that allows her clients to generate a harmonious effect and make it work for good.

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